Monday, October 6, 2014

Howdy! 9.3.14

Dearest Family,

First off, I am not breaking mission rules: the library wasn't open on Monday so we couldn't check email. We spent most of yesterday in East Lansing (MLC) and then had appointments (YAY!!!) so I couldn't write yesterday. So I am writing today with permission.

Second, I wrote a handwritten letter to the Fam on Monday so please look for my weekly letter in there. 

Third, I was going to take today to send pictures and I grabbed everything but my camera. HA. Hard to send pictures that way.... 

But I wanted to share with you a quick experience I shared with my friend. We are seeing MIRACLES. I have never worked harder on my mission than this transfer and we have not seen any success. It has been rough. But we are seeing miracles already happening with the beginning of the semester."School has FINALLY started here too!! It's SUCH A BLESSING!!!!!!!! This transfer has been really rough because of the lack of people, new calling, new area, and new companion. But it's ending on a high note which makes the trials all worth it. We are trying to fill our teaching pool. We actually just had a miracle: we stopped a girl and talked to her and asked her if she had time that we could teach her more. She had time so we sat down and talked to her about the Book of M
ormon and the first vision. She liked it and we were drawing to a close and she said, "So what's the next step? What do I do next?" Our mouths almost dropped open but we set up a return appointment for Monday instead. Heavenly Father is truly blessing us!! I am so excited to see the miracles come. :)" Heavenly Father will bless us and I know that there are some good things to come!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

The picture is from the last MLC we had. Sister Cunningham is the one right next to me, towards the middle.

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