Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Week in the Life of Sis. Jensen 9.29.14

Dear Family,

I will never covet leadership positions ever again. There. I said it. It was a rough week for the sisters in the zone. Being the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Fehlman and I had to handle a couple of things while President and his wife were up north (he's the district president over the Traverse City District). The two take away lessons are that you will never please everyone, and it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your peers. I have also learned the value of prayer. I have been singing "Did You Think to Pray" a lot this week. The second and third verse have guided me a lot this week. I am so grateful for prayer! It is an amazing way to give our burdens to God and then resume your journey. It has healed my heart and lifted my Spirits in so many ways. So when life gets dark and dreary, don't forget to pray. ;)

I LOVED LOVED LOVED WOMEN'S BROADCAST. I didn't want it to end!!! It was like eating hot apple crisp and ice cream: every bite just gets better and better and you're sad when there's no more deliciousness in your spoon. I will admit, it made me ache to be in the temple. I miss the temple SO MUCH and I am SO grateful to hear that Mom and Dad are taking advantage of the temple! The blessings of the temple are incredible!! Everyone just needs to go there. I loved the emphasis on covenant keeping. It's made me ponder a lot more on what I can do to be a better covenant keeper and how I can rise to the standard Heavenly Father has set. Sometimes I wish I could go to the temple to remember exactly what I promised.... but no matter! Heavenly Father wants us to do our best and that's what I plan on doing. :) 

So to answer your question from forever ago, I do indeed know Sister Baham! I actually went on trade-offs with her this past week in St. Joseph! The start of our trade-off is a really funny story. Sister Baham is new to St. Joe so she isn't super familiar with the area and she doesn't have her driving privileges which meant that I was driving (guess who hasn't driven in three months??) and relying on a GPS (one of the elder's GPS's. This is an important detail). Well we got in the car at 8:20pm, hit "home" on the GPS, and went on our merry way. We're about 20 minutes into our drive when I started noticing that all the signs are saying "Battle Creek" on them. The wheels start turning: Battle Creek is east of Kalamazoo. St. Joseph is on Lake Michigan which is east of Kalamazoo. "Sister Baham, where exactly is the GPS taking us?" I pulled off the highway (probably shouldn't be hurtling at 70 mph in an unknown direction) and we checked the GPS. Apparently, whichever elder owned this GPS had just finished serving in Jackson (south of Lansing) and we were heading "home". I am reminded of mom's infamous words: technology is only as smart as its user. Our little GPS was only doing its job haha. Thankfully we made it to St. Joe before midnight- Just kidding. We made it there at 9:45pm. Late but we were in one piece! Got to keep things memorable, right? 

Thank you so much for telling me about your "missionary moments" this week! They're awesome!! I look forward to being a member missionary when I get home. There are so many great ways to share the gospel. Preach My Gospel has an incredible section on how we can be better member missionaries (Chapter 9 section "The Importance of Members"and I could not sit still in my seat reading it this past week! What an awesome opportunity you all have!! Just keep being awesome. "Preach the gospel always; Use words when necessary."

My missionary moment that came to mind happened when I was on trade-offs with the Kalamazoo 2 sisters. We went door-knocking (reliving the glory days in Rockford ;) ) and we were using Family Search as our approach. It's a great approach and not as intrusive but it's not as action packed as bearing your testimony and reading scriptures to people. But that's what they've been focusing on in their finding so I went with it. I learned a lot of funny things. But my favorite part of the day was when we knocked on this door and the guy wasn't interested in family history. But he asked us if he could ask us a question. We said sure. He hesitated and then asked with we taught people about Jesus Christ, inferring that what we taught wasn't based on Jesus Christ. I couldn't hold back and I just blurted out, "Can I share a scripture with you?!?" I was itching all day for this opportunity. I read to him a scripture and bore testimony that the Book of Mormon testified of Jesus Christ and that by reading it we would come to know more about Jesus Christ and his atonement. As we talked I noticed how the Spirit came and bore testimony of what was said. I hadn't noticed that the Spirit wasn't exactly there but I definitely noticed it when it bore witness of what we said. When we walked away, I was pumped! Sharing the gospel is one of the best feelings!! You will never regret opening your mouth. You should try it sometime and just feel the awesomeness. 

I see that I have typed too much. There's no way that I could tell you everything I have felt, seen, and heard. I can't give my experiences to you but I know you can have these experiences for yourself! Pray for these opportunities and then sacrifice to have them! Heavenly Father can use all of us for good. :) 

Have an amazing week. Never forget that you are a Child of God and that He loves you. :) Also, please thank the wonderful sisters in the Pittsburg Relief Society for me! I loved their notes! 

Sister Jensen :)

Proof that I met Sister Baham. She had Bowman grocery bags in her apartment and I about went bazerck haha

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