Saturday, December 20, 2014

Yay December! Oh, wait. I'm a musician! 12.15.14

Dear Family,
I echo your statements: "Where has all the time gone??" I can't believe that we're already halfway through the month and almost halfway through the transfer! Christmas is NEXT WEEK and I hit a year NEXT MONTH. When did all the craziness happen???
This week was an adventure like always. We didn't have a ton of time to do a lot of proselyting this week because our Monday night was our branch Christmas party, Tuesday was MLC in East Lansing, and Wednesday was interviews with President. We had tradeoffs with the Kalamazoo 2nd Ward sisters on Friday and we stacked as many appointments as we could on that day. Heavenly Father thankfully gave us a couple of people to teach despite finals and people leaving for Winter Break. It's crazy to see how Heavenly Father helps you reach goals that halfway through the week looked impossible. I always feel indebted to Heavenly Father. He's just too good to me. We also had two people come to church yesterday which was awesome! We've really been working on getting people to church and it was nice the fruits of our labors. :)
I got your amazing Christmas package!! It was like experiencing the joy of 5 Christmases in one, it was pretty epic. My companions laughed when they saw the stocking sewn up haha. It's nice to have a couple of presents under the tree and a Nativity on my desk to look at. I LOVE the Christmas earrings and my companions were extremely lucky that I felt generous and gave them some of that scrumptious peppermint bark. I just feel so incredibly blessed. You guys are too generous to me. I am SO so so grateful and I am looking forward to Christmas Day! Speaking of which, when would be a good time for me to call? I can call pretty much whenever. Just let me know! :)
Yesterday was our Christmas Sacrament program and it was pretty memorable. Maybe it's my fantastic upbringing but it is not Christmas without a rockin', music-packed Christmas program! So being the person I am, I volunteered people for musical numbers! :D I offered people an accompanist (this sistah) and told them what song they should sing, haha. It turned out great. We had four musical numbers (I accompanied three of them....) and the meeting turned out pretty great. Thank you, Sally DeFord! She came in handy. The last song that I played was a Sally DeFord arrangement of "Silent Night" for a medium voice sung by the fabulous Aimee Lopez who is a vocal performance major at WMU. It was breath taking. The congregation joined in on the third verse and the Spirit just filled the chapel. It was hard to concentrate on playing because I was feeling the Spirit so strongly. Music always brings the Spirit and I don't think it's any coincidence that we sang when the Savior was born! What better way to praise the Lord than to sing? :)
You are all super and fantabulous. I can't wait to talk to you next week. I have some great stories to relay to you when we talk MWHAHAHA. Also, look in the mail this week for things from me! Hopefully they make it there!
Love, the Michiganary :)

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