Saturday, December 20, 2014

White Thanksgiving 12.1.14

Dear Family! 

The Holidays are here!! I love it!! I love this time of the year we have to remember our Savior and to express our gratitude. This time of the year is truly magical. :)

We had a "White Thanksgiving"! It snowed all day which added a bit of charm. Sister Fehlman, Chasity Hambright (the BEST member ever) and I decided a month ago that we were going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for all those left behind in Kalamazoo over the holiday. Last year they had a dinner at the KUB and Chasity told us that it had a great turnout and it was a wonderful missionary opportunity. So at 8 am on Thanksgiving Day, we headed to the church to put Henry Phillip Gobbleworth III in the oven and get our Thanksgiving Feast prepared. 

The elders came at 11:30 am to help us peel 15 pounds of potatoes and get the tables up. Everything came together really smoothly and at 2pm we had it all laid out: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green bean casserole, stuffing, green salad, dinner rolls and six pies. I'll admit it, I was pretty impressed with how is came together and it was really cool to see all of the work and worry manifest itself in a delicious feast. What made it even better was that three of our investigators were there! Sister Fehlman and I felt like it all paid off. We showed them the "He is the Gift" video which was the whipped cream on the pie. It topped our feast off so well. That video is so peaceful and it really brought the Spirit in. I had the privilege of sharing my testimony of the Savior after we showed the video which I think I needed. The Spirit testified to me of the Savior and I felt so much love from Him. I love my Savior so much!

When we planned for Thanksgiving, we planned for 20 people. We figured between the elders and us and those who wouldn't be leaving for the holiday, we could get a good turn out. Turns out that only 12 people came and because none of us have hosted many parties in the 20 years of life we've lived we REALLY over estimated. So guess who ate Thanksgiving leftovers for the next three days? But really, who can complain about Thanksgiving leftovers? I mean, if everything I made magically turned into Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, I would be really happy. And probably really fat. We also didn't get around to eating ANY of the pies because we gorged ourselves at dinner, so Sister Fehlman got to take home five pies. Thankfully, we gave two away yesterday, finished the pie I made (it's not Thanksgiving without Libby), and we're working on the last two. Sister Fehlman and I are really debating buying another turkey. It was so good the first time, why not a second? ;)

Transfer calls came! I am staying in Kalamazoo for another transfer with Sister Fehlman and we are getting another sister, Sister Carter. Sister Fehlman and I are excited to add another friend to the party. :) Sister Fehlman is going home on the 31st so I will be in a trio until the fifth week of the transfer. I'm looking forward to working with Sister Carter. Sister Carter is an STL in Wyoming so we're looking forward to her fresh perspective on the area. We have set some high transfer goals this transfer and we have a lot of hope that we can accomplish them. 

I go back to the doctor's office this week to get my foot x-rayed again. I'm pretty sure it's been healing. I still can't run on it or bump it too hard but it's definitely getting better. Thanks for all of your prayers!

The Work is going great. We've dropped almost all of our investigators from this transfer which is really heartbreaking but we know that there are miracles coming this week! I have to remind myself that we want to find "the wheat" and dropping people just means were sifting "the wheat from the tares". Heavenly Father will bless us with some great sheaves this week!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your happy faces and the memories you included me in! You are the best family! 

Love, Sister Jensen

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