Monday, August 25, 2014

It's a Small World 8.18.14

Dear Family,                                                                                                     August 18, 2014

Let's begin on a scary thought: there's an activity in Chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel to read your ministerial certificate and record your feelings about it. Last Tuesday, I pulled it out, read it, and looked at the expiration date: 12 August 2015. One year exactly until it expired. Where is my mission going?? At the end of next transfer I will hit my half way mark! There's no way that my mission is going this fast!!! Scary.

This week was full of adventure! On Tuesday the elders got kicked of campus by the police and they called us right after and told us to get off campus or we'd get arrested. Thankfully we had just gotten on the bus and had no plans to go back. Wednesday we were a little hesitant to go back but it's now Monday and we haven't been arrested yet, so the coast must be clear. Weirdly enough, the weather was significantly cooler this last week. Like, I was debating wearing my coat, but nobody does that in August so I just froze. When we got home on Tuesday, we put on sweaters and drank some hot cocoa. It was a weird week but the cooler weather turned out to be a blessing.

Thursday was a grand adventure. We had an appointment at 3pm with a less active member on the outskirts of our branch and decided that we were going to be resourceful and take the bus to get there.  We were doing some personal contacting on campus and talked to a guy longer than we should have and got to the bus port just in time to our bus turning to leave. We looked at our watches: 2:05 pm. We knew that a bus would be outside the church (a 25-30 minute walk from campus) at 2:30 pm. Sister Cunningham looks at me and says, "We can make it." So we took off for the church. From this experience I gained a new appreciation for professional speed walkers. Do you know how hard it is to walk fast without running and not look like an idiot?? I can almost guarantee that we looked absolutely ridiculous. Once we reached the downward slope of a hill, we just let our legs loose. We were more concerned with catching our bus and getting to our appointment than how we looked. We made it to the bus stop at 2:22 pm. Our bus didn't come for 10 more minutes, but do you know what? It was an experience full of tender mercies: it was a cooler day so we could breathe and run without too much difficulty; we hit all the crosswalks at the right time; the last leg of our journey was downhill rather than up hill; and we made it to our appointment! I would call that pretty miraculous. :)

We met with two of our investigators this week. We had a lesson yesterday with an investigator named Marcus and we committed him to be baptized on September 13th! We're really excited! Marcus has had a rough life and there's a lot of things going on right now that aren't the best but he has faith and he stays positive. We are really crossing our fingers and praying hard that we can help him understand why having God's church on earth is important to him. We met with Bin this week and he came to church yesterday. I really hope we can get him to progress more towards baptism rather than just meeting with him. Every investigator is unique and it's been interesting trying to find the best ways to help them progress. Bin is interesting but I know that because he is a child of God, his salvation is just as important to Heavenly Father as mine is. We'll get the inspiration we need.

Do you know how crazy small the church is? Really small. Yesterday at church I was standing in the foyer waiting for services to begin when this guy walks in and it's my anatomy TA! I even went to the temple with him and a mutual friend! I freaked out. I forgot that the last time I saw him was 9 months ago and I look drastically different so I think I freaked him out... But that's okay because we're friends now. He's out here to go to the new WMU medical school. The other crazy thing that happened was after sacrament. I was standing on the stage and the high council speaker's family came up to me to thank me for the talk I gave. I looked at the girl and said, "You look familiar...." She says back, "Yeah! You were my sister training leader in the MTC!" What??? Who knew that I would be at WMU when she was home for medical leave and she would just happen to come with her parents to hear her dad and brother speak the same day I was speaking?? It was crazy!! Yesterday was just mind-boggling. It's fun when those things happen. :)

I'm doing great. Sister Cunningham and I have made it a goal to enjoy the next two weeks and not just endure it. I think that's a good lesson for life: we're here to enjoy life, not just endure it. 2 Nephi 2:25 says, "men are that they might have joy." We are here to have joy! Don't forget to enjoy this time on earth!

I love you all! This is God's church! Have a wonderful week! 

Love from Kzoo,
Sister Jensen :)

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