Monday, May 19, 2014

Transfers! 5.5.14

Dear Family,                                                                                         May 5, 2014
Six weeks ago, my companions were freaking out because transfer calls were coming. I didn't quite understand why they were freaking out about it because it seemed like no big deal to me. Let me tell you, I now understand why they were freaking out. I was still training six weeks ago and there was very little chance that I was going to leave Rockford. But this time around, five sisters have gotten their visas this transfer and a bunch of sisters are "dying" (going home) at the end of this transfer which means that a lot of people were going to be switched around and tripanionships are going back to companionships. There was cause for great excitement in the land. I wish you could have been with us in our apartment to watch us cope with stress. You know you're getting transferred if the phone doesn't ring before 10amand Sister Mortensen was watching every minute pass by. When 10am hit, it now meant that we were waiting for the call from President Hess to tell us who was staying and who was going. That made for another slow hour. Eventually the ax fell. Sister Mortensen is being transferred to Marshall (just outside of Battle Creek. That's where the Kellogg factory is. Yuuuuummmm.) and Sister Harris and I will get Sister Richardson (our former Sister Training Leader) for her last transfer. I'm sad to see my trainer go. Sister Mortensen and I really bonded this past transfer and I will miss her. But she's going to Marshall to work with a member from the Antioch Stake! Her name is Sister Braun and I think she's in the Oakley ward. I'm not quite positive about that but I know she's from our stake. 
One of the biggest surprises came last night though. We were visiting a member and we heard our phone buzz. When we left we checked our phone and saw that we had missed a call from President. That means one of two things: you or your companions have a family emergency or someone's being transferred (we chose to focus on the latter). We got the call that a sister was sick and had to go home so Sister Harris was being transferred to Midland! Sister Harris started screaming because she was so excited! I am really excited for her! This also means that I get to be in a companionship! I'm nervous but excited! I have been on tradeoffs with Sister Richardson twice and I have loved working with her in the past so this transfer is going to be great! Plus I get to kill her which should be a fun experience. ;)
Yesterday was great because we had an investigator come to church! The elders at the MSU campus gave us the name of a girl they had been teaching who was moving home for the summer. They've been teaching her for 2 months and she has a baptism date for the 17th! So we kind of got handed a progressing investigator with a baptism date. God answers our prayers in the weirdest ways sometimes.... Church was a different experience, especially because it was Fast and Testimony Sunday. I have never paid more attention to the testimonies as I have when I was sitting next to our investigator. I was ready to cover her ears at any moment. You're almost waiting for someone to say something crazy or say something mingled with false doctrine. Plus in front of me sat two kids from the local Christian Reformed Church so I was praying especially hard that the people hearing the testimonies would not offend the Spirit. Thankfully everything went well and we had a really good meeting. Sarah, our investigator, seemed to like it. I'm praying that this means good things!
I can't tell if I'm more nervous or excited for this transfer. I know that there is some hard work to be done, especially with our four investigators. But I know that God doesn't give us challenges without giving us aid. I am grateful that I get to learn from Sister Richardson this transfer and I know she will help me become a better missionary. I know that God will answer our prayers as we work to be the best instruments we can! 
So long from the best mission in the whole world!
Sister Jensen
PS Just to let you know, my district found 11 new investigators this transfer! As a companionship, we found 5 of them! God does hear and answer prayers. He will answer them in His way and time, often right before the end to let your faith grow the most. It was humbling for me to watch God perform miracles this transfer and I know without a doubt that nothing is impossible for Him. Keep the faith and trust in God!

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