Monday, March 16, 2015

The Push 3.2.15

Dear Family, 

Having been out for 13 months gives you an interesting perspective on the mission. I've been thinking a lot about last March and how hard that was. And now it's March again and I am trying to stay mentally sane. Thankfully it's working so far. March is hard because it's a long month after a short month and Spring isn't for another two months instead of three weeks. Sitting at my computer I can see out the window and stare at the piles of snow..... I just keep reminding myself that it will be worth it when the Spring comes because the Spring cannot be beat! It is the BEST!!!! Everything gets so green, people are a lot happier when you knock on their door, and the sun stays out longer! All good things to look forward to! :) And I'm looking forward to NOT wearing my winter coat. I don't even take it off anymore when I go into people's homes, mostly because I forget I'm wearing it. It's just apart of me now......

Hopefully that doesn't sound too whiny and depressing. I'm actually doing pretty well. :) I really feel charged spiritually from my temple trip a week and a half ago and I am really hoping that I can maintain that. We're seeing a lot of success from the work. 

I think I told you a little bit about Brian so let me recap and give you an update: We met Brian on Valentine's Day. He was the only person we talked to in the 15 minutes we were knocking doors before we received word to get out of the cold because it was too dangerous. We committed him to coming to church when we talked to him and he came the next day! We taught him that week and he told us in one of the lessons that the night before he met us he prayed to that God would help him find a new church. And then we showed up! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon on Wednesday and on Friday he told us that he finished it. Awesome, right? We invited him to a baptism of another lady that first week were teaching him and he thought we were inviting him to be baptized on Saturday. We cleared that up and he came. Sister Morrison and I were helping the elders and our ward mission leader clean up the baptism when we got a text from Brian that said, "So maybe we can talk tomorrow about me getting baptized as well" We were BLOWN AWAY. WHAT?? This never happens! So now, Brian is on date to be baptized March 21st. :) He is so receptive and he understands so much. Every lesson we have with him I am just blown away. We're praying that we can help him be ready on the 21st. It's only three weeks away so we'll see what happens. Please keep him in your prayers!

Ian gave us a heart attack last week. Ian is part of a motorcycle club (Hell's Angels status. Not the hobby kind) and the club been a challenge for us in teaching him. It is not a good influence and they don't like how the gospel has changed him (we LOVE how the gospel has changed Ian). Well last week, we didn't have contact with him for a couple days and his fellowshipper texted us and asked us if we had had contact with him because she hadn't had contact with him either for days and they talk pretty much every day. I was pretty sure Ian was dead in a dumpster somewhere or in jail. I was freaking out. And then he called us randomly one day and I just about choked on my pancake. IAN IS ALIVE!!! He was sick with the flu and had some complications which was why didn't hear for him for a couple days. He came to church yesterday which was good. There's still a lot of things that need to change before he can get baptized but I have faith that if Alma can do it, anyone can do it. The Atonement can handle the nitty-gritty. :)

I had a crazy "small world experience" yesterday. So we had dinner with the F. family. We were probably halfway through dinner and I asked Brother F. where he was from. He said Northern Califronia, Sunnyvale. I was like oh! I know where that is. We talked about the Bay Area and as we were talking my brain started turning. I had a roommate named Kelli F. from Sunnyvale, California. He's older so maybe they're cousins or something. So I asked Brother F. if he had relatives in Sunnyvale because I had a roommate my freshman year that was from Sunnyvale and her last name was F. He asked me what her name was. I said Kelli F

. He said, "I know Kelli. Kelli is my younger sister." NO. WAY!!!! I know missionaries are supposed to be professional but my freak out probably wouldn't qualify as professional. How small is the Mormon world??? I was having dinner with my roommate's older brother!!!!! It was so great!!! We had a great time swapping stories and talking about Kelli. It was so much fun haha. I am so grateful for those small world moments. :)

Oh look, the sun came out. That's nice....

I love the Gospel so much. I am so grateful for it. It is the way to last peace and a full measure of the Atonement. Remember to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. :)

Love, Sister Jensen

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