Monday, March 16, 2015


If I could make the subject of this email bigger and bolder I would.....
Dear Family,
I am so so so happy to announce that we have broken the 40's!!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! I do not think you can comprehend how extremely happy I am about this!!!! This is the first time in probably three months that I haven't worn my snow coat or snow boots outside. Saturday was the first day that things got warm and I was so happy I almost grabbed my hairdryer and ran outside to encourage the melting process. However with all the melting it makes the roads pretty slick in the morning after it drops below freezing at night....

Random occurrence:  found a forged dollar bill!
Life just keeps getting better and better and I do not mean that sarcastically. Sister Morrison and I  taught the most lessons we have taught as a companionship since we've been together this past week and that's even with missing a day due to MLC. Heavenly Father is so good to us. Brian is determined to meet his date next week which means we get to meet with him every day until he gets baptized! He's doing very well and I can't believe how much this Gospel can change people in such a short time. It's amazing. Ian is making progress slowly, but it's progress. We are doing our best to help him gain a church family because if he's going to quit his club he needs a family that will love him. Elizabeth has been struggling with some things that are happening in her life but she received a priesthood blessing this week. The priesthood is such a blessing!! And the great thing is that it's here to bless ALL of God's children. :)
We had some really cool "finding miracles" last week. In our mission have cards that we hand out to people with our number on it. We usually give them to people who are don't have a lot of interest or said that they would be interested in doing their own research. In the whole 13 and a half months of my mission, no one has EVER called us back. Until last Wednesday. Someone ACTUALLY called us ON PURPOSE because he was interested in learning more about the Gospel!! We have an appointment with him this Wednesday!!! Our other "finding miracle" was pretty much all of Saturday. Heavenly Father put us in the right places and we got four potential investigators from it, three of them with specific return appointments! I am just filled with gratitude. It feels so good to be a tool in His hands! He is so good!!
I'll share a little highlight with you from one of our lessons this past week. We were teaching Brian and we asked him why he should read the Book of Mormon. I was thinking he'd say something along the lines of "to know that it's true" or something like that. But no. He said, "I should read the Book of Mormon to help me endure to the end." BOOM. It kind of blew my mind a little bit. Did you know that the Book of Mormon would help you successfully endure to the end?? I did but didn't at the same time. But seriously, the Book of Mormon is all about enduring to the end and keep our covenants and preparing to meet Heavenly Father again. Read that book, people. You need it. I need it. Everyone needs it.
I love my mission so much. I understand why it has to be hard, because if it wasn't it wouldn't be so worth it. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord. I love this Gospel and I know that it is true. It just is. It's so simple and wonderful and beautiful and it just makes sense. Don't ever forget it. :)
Love, Sister Jensen

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