Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Hard to Teach Lessons When Your Keys Are Locked in the Glove Box 2.2.15

Dear Family,
Just so you are all aware, it is still winter out here. We got at least a foot of snow yesterday! I think it's the first time in my life that church has been cancelled. We thankfully still had sacrament meeting but they cancelled the rest of the block. It was weird driving home after sacrament. I felt like I was ditching church. I'm pretty sure a lot of the ward didn't know what to do with themselves having so much time....

As the title of my email states, it's hard to teach lessons when you're car keys are locked in the glove box of your car. We had the craziest Wednesday EVER. We are on a car rotation (two weeks on, one week off) and Wednesday was the day we were giving our car to the elders. We had to leave district lunch before them so we could get to a lesson and I asked Elder Palmer where he'd like me to stick the keys so he wouldn't have to disturb our lesson. He said to stick them in the glove box. So we got to the church, put the keys in the glove box, and locked the doors. It didn't even dawn on me what I had just done until Elder Palmer comes into the church and says, "Do you have the keys?" Horror. That was my first thought. Immediately I looked at Ian and said, "Do you know how to break into a car?" He said, "Psh, yeah!" and jumps up and leaves. While Ian and the elders are figuring out how to get the keys, Sister VanHorn is using Ian's phone to contact her car company because her car wasn't fixed properly and still having problems. Then Ian comes back and says that he has AAA and he's going to call them (because he left his "tools" at home). So Ian and Sister VanHorn play phone tag with their car companies for a little and finally we get to a point where we feel like we can start our lesson. I'm super frazzled by this time anyway ("women drivers" jokes get really old really fast) and I decide that I should say the prayer to get the Spirit back. In the middle of my prayer, Ian's phone starts going off, which by the way, his ringtone is not missionary approved music. I decide that I'm just going to keep praying and Ian quickly silents it. Then Sister VanHorn says(in her best black woman voice), "Answer it!! It might be my people." We all died. We couldn't control ourselves. I felt so bad about that prayer but the Spirit was gone and there was no way of recovering from that. Eventually we had a lesson and the elders got the keys. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you must humbly drink the lemonade.
This week was alright. Sister Morrison and I got a touch of whatever has been going around. We're better now but this week was a little hard because of it. Being sick on your mission is the worst but we've been trying to make the most of it.
Bin will be getting baptized this week in Kalamazoo, Elizabeth might be getting baptized next week, and Ian should be getting baptized on the 21st. It should be a really good month baptism wise. :) It feels so good to see people progress towards baptism. It's hard to tell people about the blessings that the Lord will pour out upon them as they get baptized because they have to take that step first. It's so great to see faith in action!!
Have you read General Conference recently?? I LOVE IT!! I have been trying to read more and more of it because every time I do, I feel the power of their words. I feel a desire to be and do better. One talk that I really loved was one that I read this morning. Sister Morrison and I have been talking with Elizabeth about the importance of being baptized (we've invited her at least a dozen times to be baptized) and I was studying about covenants and why their important. This really stood out to me from Sister Stevens talk "Covenant Daughters if God": "Covenants with God help us to know who we really are. They connect us to Him in a personal way through which we come to feel our value in His sight and our place in His kingdom. In a way we can’t fully comprehend, we are known and loved individually by Him. Think of it—each of us holds such a place in His heart. His desire is that we will choose the path that will bring us home to Him." Doesn't that make you feel SO GOOD about the covenants you have made??? I LOVE IT!! I pondered about that and I have seen how my covenants with God have drawn me closer to Him. I have seen how real my relationship with Heavenly Father is, especially on my mission, and it all stems from the promises that I have made with Him. Covenants are a blessing. :)
Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. I am truly so grateful for all the support I receive from you. I hope that the Lord is blessing you and that you see His had in your life. I know He is watching over you. He loves you. :) I love you too!! Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Jensen

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