Saturday, January 31, 2015

Meetings and More Meetings 1.26.15

Dear Family,
When I first got on my mission, my trainers told me that missionary work is a lot of meetings. Boy, were they right! I feel like we go to so many meetings! But thankfully they're always good meetings. I always leave feeling like I accomplished things and that I got reprimanded by the Spirit in the right ways haha. I've learned that we don't go to meetings just to attend meetings, but we go to meetings to change. When you have that attitude, meetings become a lot better. At least the church ones do. ;)
This week we had a training from Brother Hemmingway and Brother Radford from the Church Missionary Department. All of the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and district leaders assembled and we discussed effective proselyting. They are really pushing to use Facebook as a tool in the Work so we got permission to use our Facebooks from home to do missionary work! That's a scarey thought but I think I feel confident that I can use it wisely now. I didn't really like Facebook  when I started using it 6 months ago (in fact, I loathed it) but I've come to see the useful tool it can be to stay in contact with investigators, less active members and recent converts. So you'll be seeing my posts and feel free to like/share them!
Sister Morrison and I are doing great! We have found a couple new investigators in the past week! I know that they say that tracting is the least effective way to do missionary work (which trust me, there are better ways than tracting) but 41% of the baptisms in our mission come from door knocking. We found one of our investigators through tracting this week. We went to this street that the sisters didn't knock because it said "no soliciting" and knocked there anyway. We found Becky! And not coincidentally, she is the daughter of a less active member of the ward! She isn't a member and she invited us to come back this week! We're super excited and we know that there is some potential there. :) We're seeing some amazing things happen and I'm grateful for the training because it has really helped us be more effective.
I'm doing well. My foot still aches a little but it's definitely not broken anymore. Sister Morrison and I have been exhausted this week. Between meetings and seminary, we've been getting up kind of early. We had the opportunity to teach seminary this past week with the other missionaries and that was neat. I had forgotten what that was like and it scares me to have teenagers one day. But I loved the Spirit I felt there and I am grateful for dedicated seminary teachers who work so hard to be happy and upbeat in the mornings.
Please also pray for Ian. He's struggling with somethings and being in a biker club isn't helping. We really want him to feel prepared to be baptized next month and it will take some changes in his life to get there. Please keep him in your prayers!!
I know this is short but I have got to run! I love you all!! This is the Lord's church!
Love, Sister Jensen

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