Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet 1.13.15

Dear Family,
I want to assure you that I am completely fine and healthy. Yesterday was a CRAZY adventure and I ended up not having time to email so I was allotted some time today to send you a quick letter.
So the thing you may all be wondering is, "What was my adventure yesterday?" I have news: I GOT TRANSFERRED! I am now in Wyoming, Michigan, about 40 minutes south of my first area! I'm actually back in the Grand Rapids Stake so I'm really looking forward to stake conference so I can see my past ward family. It should be great. :)
While waiting at the mission home, Pres. Jepson gets his ping-pong mojo going.
So the assistants wanted to do all of transfers in one day (usually they do it in two because the mission is so big) so I got on the transfer van at 8:50 am, rode all around Michigan and wound up in East Lansing at the mission office, stayed there for a couple hours, then hopped back in the transfer van and got to my area at about 5:45 pm that evening. It made for a long day but even longer for the assistants so I can't complain too much. It was fun to see other parts of Michigan even when they're covered in two feet of snow.

In missionary work news, we had 5 investigators at church on Sunday!! It was super amazing. I kind of rolled my eyes, looked upward, and said, "Really? Really?? Right when I'm getting transferred??" Anyone who's been a missionary knows that that's how the cookie always crumbles. Miracles start and then- TRANSFER. Sister Carter and Sister Chatman are going to have so many incredible things happen this transfer! It blows my mind to think about it. We have so many solid investigators there! I am really hoping that I will be heading back to Kalamazoo twice for the baptism of Bin and Taylor. Maybe more? That would be really cool. :)
Sis. Jensen with Taylor

My new companion is Sister Morrison. She's from Flagstaff, Arizona. She's been out almost nine months and she's super cool (as far as I can tell from the past 18 hours) and I think we're going to have a great transfer together. :) We only have to go on one tradeoff this transfer which makes being a STL super relaxing. I don't feel as stressed here in Wyoming and I'm taking that as a good thing. I am stoked to be in Grand Rapids again and I am really looking forward to some awesome things happen in this area. 

This week was EXTREMELY cold. Our car told us that it was -5 degrees at one point and people keep telling us that with the wind chills, we have been getting down to -20 or lower. At the beginning of the winter as was kind of bummed because I bought that heavy duty coat and boots and it seemed they were only good for only last winter. HA JUST KIDDING. I cherish them with my whole heart and I frequently wonder how the pioneer crossed the frozen plains in nothing but holey shoes and worn blankets. It's a very sobering thought and it stops me from complaining. I am SO GRATEFUL for long skirts because they hide my pajama pants really well. I've also been going through those hand warmers like popcorn. I don't think they last as long when it's this cold.

I hope I didn't cause too much worry yesterday. I am quite well and I'm looking forward to serving the people here in Wyoming. I love this work and sometimes I wonder if I can extend my mission for another five years. Being a missionary is the best thing ever! I would recommend it to everyone. :)
Love you all! I will send some pictures next week!
Sister Jensen

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