Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Specific Prayers 6.30.14

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                         June 30, 2014
I need to get something off of my chest: I have the best family EVER. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!! Okay. I'm good. :)
This week was AWESOME! The Lord's hand is in everything! A over a week ago, the Zone Leaders asked us to prayerfully set a goal of how many new investigators we wanted to find this week and then pray about it every time we prayed and work hard to accomplish it. I felt that we could get 5 new investigators, which as you may remember was the number of investigators we wanted to get in a TRANSFER two transfers ago. But it felt right and it felt doable. Well Wednesday we got a text from our less active member asking if we could meet at her friend's apartment. When we got there, the friend started asking a ton of questions about why we were on our missions and what we believed. We had a great discussion and invited her to read Mosiah 3 as a follow up and asked if we could meet next week to go over it. The friend then said to Jodi, "Well. why don't we just trade off every week? My place, your place? Next week on Wednesday?" New investigator!! Jodi has now been the source of two of our investigators. President was right when he said to talk to less active members about finding people to teach. Plus, having lessons with Jodi will hopefully help strengthen Jodi's testimony. I'm pumped!
Saturday came and we hadn't been able to find any new investigators Thursday or Friday. I still felt good about our goal of 5 and the whole time all I could think was "after a trial of your faith". So at 7:43pm, I drew upon all remaining mental powers I possessed and thought of every potential investigator I could think of in the area that we hadn't contacted yet. We had a list of 6 potentials and I was ready to do all I could to find 4 new investigators in 1 hour and 17 minutes. We contacted an old referral and even though he was pretty drunk, we got a return appointment. New investigator! It was now 8:44pm. This is the most AWKWARD time for missionary work but we were "fixed in our minds with a determined resolution" to find 3 more investigators before 9pm. We thought about who we should visit with the time we had left and we felt good about trying to see a guy we had tried to contact twice that past week but wasn't home. He was home. And not only was he home but he said that he and his wife would like to meet with us! AH! MIRACLES!! We didn't quite make 5 new investigators but we were the recipients of miracles! Heavenly Father is blessing this area! I tell Sister Brockbank sometimes that she's here at an incredible time. When I got here we had maybe one family we were teaching. Now we are working with 11 people! It's such a blessing to watch this area grow! Now we just need to get them progressing haha. A little side note: our zone leaders texted us last night and told us that our zone TRIPLED our new investigators indicator for that week! "Specific prayers get specific answers!"
Besides that we're great. :) Sister Brockbank is a great missionary. She is gaining a lot confidence and is participating in our lessons and door knocking more. Sister Brockbank is adjusting very well to missionary life. Her only set back is dealing with me haha. I'm very lucky to have Sister Brockbank as my companion. We love being in Rockford! It really is the best area in the mission.   
Sis. Jensen & Sis. Brockbank
Somehow the bishopric keeps asking me to give talks that I find personally significant: asking a greenie to talk about their family on Mother's Day, and now giving a talk about why the Plan of Salvation is significant to me in the month of July. One of the spiritual gifts of being in a bishopric, I guess... So I've been pondering a lot as to why the Plan of Salvation is important to me. Sister Brockbank and I were talking about it yesterday and I think why it's so important to me is because it gives me an eternal perspective. I know we throw that phrase around a lot but I think of it in terms of a phrase by Elder Scott: "He is preparing you to be a god." Everything here on earth, before this earth, and after this earth is preparing us to be a god. Every trial, every covenant, every commandment, serves to help us become more like our Heavenly Father and live the life He lives. Isn't that comforting?? It brings me so much comfort knowing that God allows me to endure those things here because He wants me to be like Him someday. He wants me to reach a high potential and He's going to help me get there! He doesn't send us here to fail and I really don't think His goal to just to get some of His kids into some glory of some kind. His purpose is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"! Not just a few but all of us! He wants us all to have glory and immortality and eternal life with Him! And even better, it's with our families! How fantastic is that?? Look at what we know! Look at our perspective here and after! It's AWESOME! I love the Gospel. It is the best, most incredible thing I have in my life. :)
Well, I think I've written quite a lot. I love you all and I hope you can see how knowing the Plan of Salvation has blessed us as a family and individually. We are so blessed to have the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are just SO. BLESSED. 
Have a fun and safe week! The Church is true!

Sister Jensen

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