Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transfers! 6.16.14

Dear Family!

I am shocked that you found that I am training! President Hess stealing my thunder.... When President told me I was training, I cried. I knew there was a chance that I would be training but I dismissed it because I'm so young on my mission. I don't feel the least bit qualified to train- I'm still learning how to be a missionary! But I know how to be obedient and I know how to work so I'm hoping all goes well. Heavenly Father doesn't call the qualified- He qualifies those He calls.

Mom, you can be rest easy knowing that I'm being fed. From Saturday the 7th to Saturday the 14th I ate 12 dinners, sometimes eating three dinners in one day. I think when I was set apart as a missionary I grew a fourth stomach. It's one of those gifts that missionaries get that they don't mention beforehand. It's come in handy because sometimes we would go straight from appointment to appointment. The elders were a little disgruntled when they found out- they have trouble just getting their week filled. Thankfully, all of it was really good food, it was just a lot of really good food. Sister Richardson and I just about cheered when one of our dinner appointments cancelled. #fatandhappy #missionarywoes #thisiswhystatesidemissionariesgainweight

All in all it's been a good week. I feel like we keep getting busier and busier. There are times when I wish we didn't have to sleep or eat because there is just too much to accomplish in a day. No wonder the sons of Mosiah took 14 years on their missions- there was just too much to do! Our ward is so big and there is just so many people to see. We picked up two new investigators this week which brings our total investigators to 8. That mixed with the less active members and recent converts we try to see, we barely have time to go door knocking. It's hard to balance everything. I caught myself wishing several times this past week that God would clone me so I could do everything that I felt needed to be done. I just read over this paragraph and it sounds like I'm whining. Sorry. I am really happy that I'm busy! I am glad that there is work to be done! I just wish there was five of me and our car had infinite miles on it.

It's been a stressful week. Sister Richardson is finishing her mission on Wednesday which I think has been my challenge of the transfer. A lot of people say that they love working with "dying missionaries" but I find it really distracting. Every member/missionary we talked to wanted to talk about going home. Sister Richardson was really good about not wanting to talk to me about leaving but there were times when I really wanted to run away from people when they came up to talk to us. I have been praying a lot more to be focused so I can be better in tune with the Spirit which naturally means that Heavenly Father allows opposition to follow (like me praying to take better care of my body and getting 12 dinner plus ice cream meetings this whole week). Hence, this transfer. I guess the blessing is that it has opened my eyes to how much more focused I can be. I have definitely come a long way since the beginning of my mission and my goal is to be able to give my heart and mind to God 100%. I want to work hard and teach my new missionary to work hard. Not psychotically, but I want to use this time wisely. :)

One of the elders just chastised me for "writing a novel" so this is where I'll probably end. Sister Richardson and I still need to go to the post office before we hop on the transfer van and head to East Lansing. I will be in East Lansing until Thursday when I get my new companion! This will be a week of adventure! 

I know this is God's work! This work is TRUE! I love you! Have a FANTASTIC week!

Sister Jensen

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